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Flavorful Authentic Indonesian Ayam Penyet

It is no secret that across the archipelago of Indonesia, one can find delicacies across the culture that are undeniably mouth-watering. With the fact that the geographic proximity to neighbouring cultures is similar, Indonesian cuisine gained huge popularity in the hearts of Malaysians.

As the growing popularity of Ayam Penyet continues to sweep across Southeast Asia, numerous restaurant chains have opened up to capitalise on the trend to serve this Indonesian classic, Ayam Penyet has become one of Malaysian’s favorite food.

This East Javanese food features fried chicken pressed by a pestle against the mortal to tenderize the meat and completed with healthy but tasty Indonesian veggies served with our famous & addictive spicy sambal belacan (chilli paste), cucumber slices, fried tofu, and tempeh on the side. We at Penyet Express are committed to serving up flavourful plates of Ayam Penyet Kuala Lumpur to our customers! Our Ayam Penyet dishes are made from the freshest kampong chicken marinated with selected herbs and different spices, giving it a scrumptious favorable flavour to be served at our Ayam Penyet Kuala Lumpur, Johor restaurant and other outlets.

The meat is meticulously cooked till it is golden, brown and crispy while ensuring the flavours are locked in. Crispy fried flour bits are then sprinkled over the chicken, giving it that extra bit of crunch.



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